Welcome to Write What You See

– a place to ponder this messy everyday life as a Christian –

I’m Lee Carter, writer, editor & author. Write What You See grew out of my desire to look at the world and this mortal life through a lens shaped by God and his Word.

Landscape image of Lee Carter in winter garden
Photo © Anna Rachel Photographer

I really want to see how God shows up in the everyday and the ordinary. And, in time, I want to understand. That means I need to write, because I’ve always done my best thinking that way.

For me, the physicality of pen in hand or fingers on keys has the mysterious power to corral my wayward thoughts and make them useful. Some of those thoughts make their way onto these pages.

I’m learning to slow down and pay attention, and this discipline has brought fresh insight. And I’m discovering that life with God is an unexpected but purposeful narrative of forgiveness, transformation and grace.

I hope you’ll be enriched, refreshed, encouraged, and even surprised by what you read here.

Write what you don’t know about what you do know.

James S Galvin