July 14, 2018
Of predicaments and mysteries in time premium
Making progress, kinda, sorta: About six months ago, I shared with you my plans for this year. Back then, I planned to blog more often, preferably weekly, and to tell you more about my everyday writing life and my latest book project exploring the topic of Time. I also planned to be more active on social media, […]
March 9, 2018
Something honest and real #2 premium
This is the second part of a long-form post. You can find the first part HERE. In part one of this post I began with an old mahogany bench and an old-style stapler—one old thing and one old-style thing. I wanted to explore what I could learn from them. I know they’re only things, but it’s […]
February 23, 2018
Something honest and real #1 premium
This is the first part of a longer post—part two to follow. It definitely shows signs of use, lots of use. So I sometimes wonder what it would tell me if it could actually speak. Perhaps it would tell me about the time that dent first appeared, or why this bit is grooved and that […]
February 1, 2018
Photographs, memories and love premium
We sat there in the shade of the blue canvas umbrella, trying and failing to stay cool. Microscopic beads of perspiration formed on our skin in the heavy humid heat, giving each of us a certain glow we would gladly have done without. It was our national day—Australia Day—and we’d gathered to celebrate our friend’s […]
January 25, 2018
Not there yet premium
The other day I was astonished to realise that I’ve been in my current home for five years. Where have those years gone? Did I forget to pay attention? Or was I just too busy doing life? But when I slow down enough to remember all that’s happened during that time, my perspective changes completely. […]
January 4, 2018
An unexpected year premium
One of the things I love about this time of year is the unstructured days and spontaneous possibilities. I know it’s not everyone’s idea of fun, but I revel in it. Besides, it means I have time to look back over the year that’s just ended. Maybe you’ve done that too and given 2017 a […]
November 25, 2016
Letters to Emma now a book! premium
Exciting news    My book, Letters to Emma: a memoir of grief and God’s love is now in stock at the publisher, Matthias Media, after months of editing, designing, proofreading and printing.  😀 Find out more   If you’re keen to find out more about the book, click on this link or the book cover image. They will take you […]
March 5, 2016
Spiritual genealogies premium
I recently discovered a little book of prayers during an internet search. As usual, I don’t know how I found it, but I was so intrigued I had to buy one, and I’ve been absorbed in it ever since it arrived in the post. Dating from the late 18th century, Forms of prayer, for the use of Christian families was written […]
February 13, 2016
New things for a new-ish year premium
Hello friends! In God’s great kindness, I have had time with my family this summer, a much-needed rest and the luxury of head space which has helped me to think prayerfully about priorities for the year. So I’m making some changes, planning new things and tweaking others along the way. • By the end of February, I will […]
December 4, 2015
Quietly, one Sunday premium
It was after church one Sunday when she slipped quietly into the seat behind me. I sensed that she needed to speak, and to be heard, so I excused myself from conversation with others around me. She began with an apology for missing Bible study the previous week. She’d planned to let me know before our group met, […]